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Project completion!

Hello everyone, to all Kadia fans, far and wide! We have some incredibly sad news to share. After many months of consideration and contemplation, we have all reached a collective decision to call 2018 the final year for Kadia as a band. We feel, as a group, that we have achieved the goals we set out to achieve as a band, whilst juggling the time challenges of full-time careers and businesses. So...

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The Beast of Bodmin Moor

The Beast of Bodmin Moor Out now! Get your copy here. ‘A maiden meets an unfortunate fate as she steals out across the misty moor to meet her secret lover. Could the rumours of the fabled beast be true?’ Our new single is now available for download! Half price download available to mailing list members in the Backstage area. It’s one of the key singles off our forthcoming debut album which will...

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EP Update

The EP is complete! We have finished recording and the 5 tracks have been sent to iTunes and Spotify etc for release. The official launch party is planned for a Bournemouth Folk Club performance in April, but those lucky fans with spotify can access it before then.

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Bottled Up Tight – Luke Sital-Singh Guitar Tab

Artist: Luke Sital-Singh Title: Bottled Up Tight EP: Old Flint Tabbed by: Chris Bailey (Bournemouth) Capo 2nd Fret INTRODUCTION e------------------------------------------------- B----1-----1-----1-----1----1-----1-----1-----1-- G---0-----0-----0-----0----0-----0-----0-----0--- D-------------3-----3----------------2-----0----- A-3-----3-----------------2----2-----------------...

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