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Chris Bailey

Chris Bailey

Lead Guitarist and Singer Songwriter

Kadia's Chris Bailey

Kadia’s Chris Bailey

Chris, you’re on death row, with only a week to go before your number’s up. What crime did you commit?

Accidentally murdered a traffic warden…, multiple traffic wardens…

In your cell you are allowed 4 records, 3 films, 2 books and 1 personal item. Please list them.

Incubus ‘Make yourself’, Foo Fighters ‘Foo Fighters’, Lumineers ‘Lumineers’ and for culture; Tommy Emmanuel ‘Endless Road’

Shawshank Redemption, Fight Club, Dazed & Confused

The Bible  because there are plenty of stories to read, i’ve avoided it my whole life, so i’d start now. Finally I would choose facebook. Is that allowed?!

My acoustic guitar – it’s the one item which would keep me sane

Whilst in the clink you’re allowed a visit from any one individual. Who and why?

If I had no partner and my family were too ashamed of my crimes, then it would have to be a personal legend to me, David Attenborough. He could tell me some stories and I could shake his hand, it would be great.

You’re allowed out for one day to visit a specific place in the world. Where?

Las Vegas – I have a bit of a passion for poker plus it’s hot and they have some great golf courses. I would also love to see the grand canyon.

Half the week is up and as your last few days approach your thoughts turn to weighty metaphysical concerns; are you atheist, agnostic, or what?

I have friends who are Christian and I hear their stories and opinions, but I don’t seem to share the same restless curiosity to follow any faith. In fact I don’t think I believe in a god or any mighty all powerful being. I guess I believe that generally you get what you deserve and people will treat you the way you treat them. In most cases anyway.

Do you hope for an afterlife? How would it be, ideally?

Yeah I think I do believe in an afterlife of some sort. I don’t have a hugely formed opinion, but I would like to think that after i’m gone, I will come back as something else. Like a tree, or a tiger or something.

Is life worth living without music?

Music has played an enormous role in my life. I don’t think you can never get rid of music, people will always create sound, which can then be forged into melody.

Do you think there is a purpose to life, or is it just brute fact?

I’m sure all things have a purpose, I am here to try and enjoy what I am doing. My purpose is to love and share things with other people and have fun doing it. To help people and build a life around things and people you enjoy.

Would you be satisfied with your life if it ended now? What would you regret not having done?

What a morbid question! Yeah, I am enjoying my life. I guess I would regret not having been to north america or africa or australia or antartica. I always wanted to visit every continent.

If God does exist, what would you say to him come judgement day?

Why the f**k did you create mosquitoes [*slap*] you idiot!

Back to more pressing concerns. Assuming you could force it down, what would your last meal be?

Roast dinner with all the trimmings and home made lemon drizzle cake, nice bottle of wine, a cigar, glass of port and some cheese and crackers. Then for my main course, I’d have….. wait,

Any last request?

Well, if the last request is always granted….., then I’d like to be set free please.

In this jail you get to choose the method of your own demise. How do you choose to shuffle off this mortal coil?

Something quick, something painless

Your epitaph?

“I’d hate to die twice, it’s so boring” (quoting Richard Feynman)