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David Hoyland

Kadia David Hoyland

Kadia David Hoyland

David, you’re on death row, with only a week to go before your number’s up. What crime did you commit?

Piracy, embezzlement and arson… not necessarily in that order.

In your cell you are allowed 4 records, 3 films, 2 books and 1 personal item. Please list them.

Records: Jimi Hendrix – Electric Ladyland, Tool – 10,000 days, City and Colour – Bring me your love, and pretty much anything by Tom Waits.
Films: 2001 Space Odyssey, Inception and V for Vendetta.
Books: Chuck Palahniuk – Fight Club, Stephen King – The Shining
Personal Item: Assuming I’m not allowed a drum kit, some kind of media player for the films and records wouldn’t go amiss.
Whilst in the clink you’re allowed a visit from any one individual. Who and why?

They know who they are.
You’re allowed out for one day to visit a specific place in the world. Where?

I hear the surfing’s great in Fiji!
Half the week is up and as your last few days approach your thoughts turn to weighty metaphysical concerns; are you atheist, agnostic, or what?

Decidedly atheist: What can be asserted without proof can also be dismissed without proof.
Do you hope for an afterlife? How would it be, ideally?

Who wouldn’t hope for an afterlife? But I’m pretty sure it’ll be similar to how it was before I was born…
Is life worth living without music?

Music is expression; life is not worth living without expression, or we may as well be robots!
Do you think there is a purpose to life, or is it just brute fact?

The purpose in life is to create and explore; the brute fact of it is 42 ;p
Would you be satisfied with your life if it ended now? What would you regret not having done?

I certainly wouldn’t be satisfied, and I’d regret never travelling the world.
If God does exist, what would you say to him come judgement day?

I’d tell him what a horrendous job he’s been doing lately.
Back to more pressing concerns. Assuming you could force it down, what would your last meal be?

That one’s easy…. lasagna mmm
Any last request?

A good single malt whisky and a kiss goodbye please.
In this jail you get to choose the method of your own demise. How do you choose to shuffle off this mortal coil?

Assuming I cannot be cryogenically frozen, I’ve always wondered what it’d feel like to overdose on morphine.
Your epitaph?

“Curiousity killed the cat” would probably be quite fitting I’d imagine.