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February 2014 Blog Update

written by Chris Bailey

The EPs have arrived

The EPs have arrived


So here they are, our very first batch of EPs, recorded, printed and received. The artwork is of course from the brilliant Jo Elkington Photography.

The EP was designed to be used to send off to various festivals and organisers to give them a chance to hear our sound, in the hope of gaining some bookings. Instead, the EPs have created a demand of their own and sales have already started recouping the costs of printing and production.

Thank you to all of you who have purchased your copy already, now we want to get out there and start playing the songs to people.




Mini EP Tour

Mini EP Tour

Beacon Fires Mini EP Tour

To promote the EP, we were offered a couple of folk club slots, including a support slot at Bournemouth Folk Club for a friend of ours, Will McNicol, an incredible solo guitarist. This was an opportunity that we could simply not turn down, despite the fact that we did not have David to perform with us. David was in San Francisco for an unavoidable work committment. So Lee and Chris played the set as a duo, they played well but the duo realise the importance of the third player to complete the sound.

Overall the night was a success in terms of EP sales with a total of 14 being sold. Thank you again to those who purchased their copy.

To continue the tour we played a few local open mics and the Fiveways folk club all of which allowed us to promoted the CD and our music and even sell a few more copies here and there. In fact one of the other highlights of the tour in February that springs to mind, was an (unscheduled) impromptu gig we played at the Cellar Bar in Boscombe. There was a last minute cancellation and the organiser of the venue was short of a performer. A friend of ours recommended us to the organiser, who reluctantly agreed to let us play, suffice to say that we proved our ability to get people up dancing and everyone had a great night.

The Burrow Live Lounge

We were given an opportunity by a local record label and recording studio to join them one weekend to record a live lounge, a showcase of local talent including various bands signed to the label. We were honoured to be invited and managed to record five live tracks. We want to thank Matt, Tiff, Gavin and Joe for inviting us down and generally being great folks. Scroll to the bottom to see the videos from the live lounge.

Festival bookings & Future Gigs

We are now confirmed to play at the Purbeck Folk Festival, Wimborne Folk Festival and Folk on the Quay. There is also Hen Fest and future performances at Bournemouth Folk Club. (Friends of ours, Fearne, asked us to support them in May)

The Live Lounge Footage