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Kadia Trio – Dorset Folk Band

Kadia’s debut album, East of Alexandria (available online by clicking the cover on the left) has made it on to the Telegraph’s 2015 Folk Album of the Year list with tracks heard on various local BBC radio stations and the band have been invited to attend many private events and nationally recognised festivals.

Kadia perform a mixture of traditional folk music, Irish session tunes, original material and contemporary covers along with the occasional joke, multiple stories and general chatter during their shows. Kadia have made a name for themselves locally for their creative arrangements of traditional music also gaining plaudits for their unique takes on more modern contemporary music. The band are growing in stature and are now beginning to build a following outside of Dorset with the goal now being to increase footprint across the UK.

East of Alexandria Out Now!

Folk-orientated but original directions. Superb song writing, accomplished instrumentation and tight-as-you-like close harmony singing.


Kadia are a band to watch out for, maturing rapidly as songwriters, as instrumentalists, as singers, as arrangers. They are the full package, destined to reach an ever widening audience.


Our upcoming shows are currently confirming arrangements. Check back soon!

Lee (singing cellist and arranger) is our historian as he loves graphic novels, archaeological excavation (specialising in snails), anthropology, reads a book a day and he has nearly two degrees. He can be found reciting the Bach cello suites as a warm up and says he can’t drive because he cannot see the colour red, which amuses the others no end. Lee’s musical influence is Baroque, he is a diploma qualified Cellist, teaches music in a primary school, drinks earl grey and is the vocal coach of the group. Lee is very much the sensible one of the group.

Chris (singing guitarist and producer) gained a Latin and finger-style influence to his musical education from living and playing in Brazil and taught himself to play the guitar aged 15. Chris is the original founding member of the band, learned Pro Tools and recording techniques and now engineers the band’s recordings and contributes regularly to the melodies of the original content. He has a finance degree, plays golf and poker, likes Guinness, surfs and owns a small guitarlele which has now been signed by Tommy Emmanuel and other legends.

David (singing multi instrumentalist) is a highly talented musician who contributes regularly to lyrics for our original content. He began with an eight string ukulele and upgraded to a mandolin, before recently taking on more singing duties. (Maybe also going to progress to violin soon too). He has a degree in oceanography and loves swimming during winter. He works with laser beams, enjoys racing and go-karting, loves a good Chinese but prefers pizza and has a background of heavy metal drumming, he even owns a pair of red flares.