Kadia Official Band Page

January 2018

It didn’t take long to get into the swing of things this year. The festival list is growing fast and we’ve been lucky enough secure gigs at some fantastic venues where we’ve spotted some spaces in a very full calendar. Some of these festivals and concerts have already published ticket links so we would urge you to buy early to save disappointment. It also makes a massive difference to venues – they’ll know exactly how much cake and ale to order in advance!

The winter song writing has been a very fruitful endeavour with, dare it be suggested, a new album on the brink of completion. We’ve spent time expanding into a fuller sound, with much richer textures and songs filled with contrast, whether it’s moments of sparse fingerstyle guitar, overlapping harmonies that roll around in a series of grand suspensions, or something with a lighter pop sensibility.

Among the new songs and tune sets is the Smuggler’s Betrayal in which we throw a riddle at the audience within the tale of a smuggling run gone awry. Fast paced and frenetic, the mandolin leads us through a winding series of arpeggios as the song runs headlong to its conclusion.

Also new is the story of Little London, the nickname for the beautiful town of Swanage, nestled close to our home in the Purbecks. The town bears a great many links to the capital after huge amounts of stone and rubble were transported from London to the coast during extensive rebuilding projects.

With new songs came new equipment as we extended Christmas well into January. Godfrey the Cello has been treated to a new multi-effects pedal to help deliver the best sound at our upcoming gigs (including a double headline with Jim Moray!). It’s been a challenge to preserve the natural warmth and resonance of the cello at concerts when the band has been amplified. With some delicate compression, EQ, and reverb, the sound is vastly improved and as natural as possible. That said, the pedal also offers some crazy overdrive settings, a built in wah pedal and everything a cellist might ever need to become a one man prog-rock band! We may leave those dials well enough alone, but the octave setting is too good not to make an appearance.

We also celebrated Lee’s 30th birthday this month and found out some other incredible news: Lee’s getting married! Behind all of the rehearsals and concerts this year we’ll be drafting speeches and helping plan for the big day in December. We hope you’ll join us in congratulating the happy couple.

Below you’ll find a list of upcoming dates stretching out over the next year. New concerts and festivals are being confirmed all the time, so check our social media and website regularly to find out if we’re coming to your area.