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June 2017

June 2017

written by Lee

A very blurry David photobombs this shot of the wedding venue!

What a month June turned out to be! With the fine weather came some incredible tan lines and some secret songwriting. Although a few of our audiences have been treated to a sample of our newest tunes with ‘Open Sea’, there is much more to come. We’re still putting the finishing touches on the arrangements, but we’ve come up with a great way to share the music as it’s created. Over the coming weeks and months we’ll be producing some Kadia Cabin Sessions in the homely surrounds of the log cabin I live in. With a little bit of posh editing, we’ll be bringing you some honest acoustic creations inspired by some wonderful stories, from both history and legend.

Our first musical outing of June was the celebration of Jon and Rosie’s wedding. For those who have seen us at Purbeck Valley Folk Festival, you’ve undoubtedly sampled the fine coffee and refreshments from Jon and Rosie. We were thrilled to be with them on the big day and wish them all the best as husband and wife. Hopefully, we’ll catch up soon in a festival field somewhere.

June brought a new addition to Kadia’s collection of musical instruments. We are pleased to welcome ‘Kate Fiddle-ton’ to the ranks of our string section. We should also thank Mark from Poole Violins for giving her some much needed TLC and Kim for diving straight in with the name suggestion.

We enjoyed a double festival weekend in June with the Gateway to Southwell Festival and the Wimborne Minster Folk Festival. The only complaint we had was not being to spend the whole weekend at either one, but we made every effort to sample as much as possible on both sites.

The Gateway to Southwell had all the charm of Cambridge Folk Festival, albeit on a slightly smaller scale. With some familiar faces on the bill, including Kate Rusby, Jon Boden and Jim Moray, we were in fine company. It was a joy to discover some new music too, especially around the late night session. We had such an amazing response from the audience. They managed to keep up on the ride through the repertoire, and had no problem jigging their way from folk favourites to a cheeky cover or two. We are only a bit miffed that we missed a chance to see the mother of all Brambly Apple trees. Who knows – maybe there’s a song in that one!

Wimborne Minster Folk Festival brought us back to our spiritual folky roots. It is always a great chance to catch up with friends that we’ve made on our local music circuit, and now we have the great pleasure of seeing a host of familiar faces from the national folk circuit too. Sharing a concert with Jacob & Drinkwater, and Miranda Sykes and Rex Preston was an experience to be remembered, and it was similarly lovely to catch the one and only Kelly Oliver before her long drive home! We would love to thank everyone who came along to support us at the gig. You were such an attentive audience and we enjoyed spending the evening in such good company.

Staying close to home, we returned this year to the line-up of Folk on the Quay. The list of acts was enviable, with appearances from Gilmore and Roberts, Heg and the Wolf Chorus, The Carrivick Sisters and members of the infamous Folk Orc! You might have spotted Godfrey the Cello playing with Delphis, the winners of the Purbeck Rising competition. If you really had your eyes open, you may also have noticed that for the Kadia set, Lee was styled by Tin Angel’s own Michelle.

Chris and Lee made an appearance with the Folkwits in the sun drenched garden of the Black Swan, nestled in the Purbecks. With an opening set from Roy Clayton, the band gathered quite an audience as Lee and Craig baked to a lobster-ish perfection! It was a riotous tour through an eclectic mix of energetic folk and we hope to join them again in the future. It was hard to believe they hadn’t been playing together for years, and truly staggering to know that the quartet were giving only their fourth performance EVER!