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June 2018

Wimborne Minster Folk Festival

It took a year to plan and the whole thing was over in three glorious days that saw a series of concerts in the most awe inspiring setting. It was of course Kadia’s invitation to be guest curators of an incredible stage and the Wimborne Minster Folk Festival. Following a learning curve so steep it near enough fired us into space, we navigated paperwork, emails, meetings and more over almost 12 months to pull together a series of very special concerts. It would be too easy to compose a 300 page review of proceedings, but it is more important to offer thanks to a host of people.

Each artist brought something unique and incredibly special to our events. We have to thank them for their understanding and patience, and for being good sports and giving such polished performances. All were well received by our audiences. The sound crew kept their cool throughout the weekend, and with a dizzying array of coloured cables they amplified just about every conceivable arrangement of instruments. The lighting transported us to another plane on Saturday night and we are very pleased to have had the input of the same talented gent that helped us light our EP launch at St Andrew’s in Kinson. He was ably assisted by another very capable technician. Thanks James and Fin!

It is usual to round up a concert by paying lip service to those people who have worked behind the scenes to create the musical magic offered to the concert goers. In this case we cannot stress how sincerely we wish to thank the staff and volunteers who work in support of both the Minster Church and Methodist Church. Thank you for welcoming us and sharing your time to help craft a successful weekend. It was a privilege to join you at the Minster service on the green and share a reading of a very appropriate psalm. Very little could ever compare to Gwyneth’s sermon based in no small part upon Megan Traynor’s ‘All About that Bass’!

The David Hall


Coming back down to earth, and letting another very capable team take care of the organisation, we headed to South Petherton and the David Hall for a day of music in a beautiful venue. Saskia Griffiths-Moore was a joy to listen to live and we even had the chance to catch up with The Portraits. Some years ago now our two bands shared a series of gigs and we were quickly besotted with this charismatic duo. At David Hall we saw them augmented by not just one but two fiddles as Keira stepped in to add some rhythmic accompaniment.

Henfest 2018 in support of Kate’s Adventure Fund

It’s not often you’ll see Kadia wearing our function band hats, but Henfest is very special to all of us. When we heard that our friend Ollie might not get a chance to play at the festival, we offered him a spot with Kadia. You may previously have heard us mention Ollie at gigs when we perform the Navigator as he kindly shared with us the story of his relative who would sign off letters back home with ‘my darling’. But we didn’t stop there as it transpired there was one other familiar face who had plenty of songs but needed a band. So from a trio, we became a five piece for the day, fronted by none other than Lee’s fiance. It was a glorious day amongst friends from start to finish and we would like to thank Gail and Mike for putting it all together. We also can’t let the occasion pass without thanking Kate who continues to be a source of inspiration.

Coming up in July 2018

20th July 18 Torre Abbey

The rest of the month we will be continuing to demo the new album tracks in the studio as we look towards an Autumn of recording, interspersed with a very special series of gigs.