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March 2018

March 2018

Another Month of wintry weather, but thankfully we’re seeing the start of something that almost looks like spring. We were very lucky not to have to cancel any gigs due to the ice and snow, but we also want to encourage you to support any of your favourite artists that might have been affected by buying a CD or two.

The only time Kadia came close to being a little nervous about the weather was our performance at Harwell Village Hall for new promoters, Big Ginger Tom Music. We had fantastic company in the form of Elizabeth and Jameson, two familiar faces to any fans of Said the Maiden and Fred’s House. Some of you may even now own Gryff’s face as it appears on the cover of their recent recording. We’ve been assured that Hannah’s face will get pride of place on the next one! The duo performed a magical set and it was all too easy to forget that we were only listening to fiddle, guitar and the beautifully executed harmonies of these fine vocalists. The choice of covers was also inspired and complimented the original songs well. There were ample opportunities to sing along and many more moments to just get lost in the heartfelt songwriting. We hope to cross paths with the pair again soon.

As for Kadia, we had the chance to roadtest even more new material for this unassuming audience. We’re extremely pleased to report that it was well received. Once again we each took centre stage to share a solo moment, with David bringing the audience to an attentive hush with possibly his finest rendition yet of the tale of the ill fated Annabelle Lee. The mandolin accompaniment to this love song is so haunting and brings to life the icy vista that claims the song’s namesake ship. Fitting then that David had only recently returned from a trip to Iceland. Chris gave a fine vocal on Sounds of Earth, perhaps our collective favourite Jim Moray track from the Upcetera album. It’s quite a feat to bring to mind the lengthy lyrics and once again Chris reeled it off with ease and sensitive delivery. It is easy to forget listening to the vocal that he also has to meander across the larger part of the guitar to play the finger-style accompaniment.

Part of our research when writing new songs sees us sifting through old documents and we often come across fragments of historic diary entries and handwritten letters. This has very much been the case when examining the Hammond Collection. Deciphering handwriting from the early 1900s can sometimes be quite the challenge, but it’s often a scribbled note in a margin that reveals something human and personal that inspires a lyric or theme. Right on our doorstep in beautiful Dorset we have the home of the newly founded Handwritten Letter Appreciation Society. Perhaps historians and songwriters of the future will be pouring through our Tweets to get under our skin, but we’d like to think the odd precious letter complete with hurried 21st Century handwriting will still be in the archives. Why not visit the site and have a go yourself? www.thehandwrittenletterappreciationsociety.org

Coming up in April:

Folk Orc day with Lee, Noeleen and Alex

We like to share a song and teach a tune whenever the situation arises. This month we’re sending Lee to join Noeleen and Alex of Murphy’s Lore for a tuition day at CODA Music with the Folk Orc. If you fancy a go, bring along your fiddles, guitars, banjos (and frankly anything you get fit in the car!) and head over to the website for details by clicking here.

21st April 18 Coastliners Festival

Details about this new festival are due to be confirmed, so watch our social media for an update!

22nd April 18 Riverhouse Barn Folk lunchtime gig

This arts centre in Walton on Thames hosts a series of ‘Brunch Barnstormers’. Doors open at 12noon for a 12:15 start. If you’re looking for some family entertainment on a Sunday in Surrey, kids under 15 are free. Find out more here.


We also have the smallest plug for Good Idea at the Time Productions. You might not have known that Lee is also part of the team behind a small theatre production company. The next work that he’s hosting is ‘Games’ and ‘After Liverpool’ at the Shelley Theatre which feels like Kadia’s second home these days. Tickets for the play on May 11th are available on the Shelley Theatre website.