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Beacon Fires EP

Kadia Debut EP

After a lot of hard work in the refurbished Victorian basements of Sonic Kitchen Studios, we have completed the recording of the five tracks selected for the CD. So the debut Kadia EP is now on sale for £5.00.

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Purchase on Amazon

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Purchase on iTunes

Since we decided on the final five tracks we have written at least three more brand new tracks with another two or three already half finished and plenty more ideas to explore. You might say an album’s worth of material? Future releases will also start to feature more of David’s song-writing influence. Front cover fpr website 400x400


Final tracklisting:

  1. Beacon Fires
  2. Nadia’s Aria
  3. The Navigator
  4. Not Our Time
  5. Copper & Gold


Beacon Fires

The title track to the EP! Lee has written the lyrics here for an old English sea shanty about a sailor keeping himself warm with the thoughts of a lady back at port. Close harmonies, catchy melodies and foot stomping kick the EP off with the very first song that the lads ever wrote together.


Nadia’s Aria

An uplifting ode to friends from Bristol who turned out, one dark night, to help carry one girl’s life and belongings across the city. Hereby affectionately referred to as Nadia’s angels. Lyrics written by Lee, music written by Chris .



A song written by Chris about the thoughts of an RAF navigator during WW2, inspired by a recent trip to Goodwood Revival as a WW2 RAF pilot. The song reflects on how the navigator may have thought about his family and loved ones back home during the training beforehand and fighting of the war.


Not Our Time

The cello reaches into its deeper dark reedy depths to support a melancholic fingerstyle guitar song with a lyrical tale about how choices can shape a relationship. Multiple harmonies lift the chorus but show a different side to the upbeat-footstomping Kadia.


Copper & Gold

This song combines all aspects of the Kadia sound. Close harmony vocals, the cornerstone of contemporary folk and also traditionally inspired melodies played this time on the cello and ukulele. The song lyrics were written based on a true story about a friend of the band.