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Our Thank You Page

This page was created so we could acknowledge the people who have been connected with the band in the past. Although Kadia are now a trio, they originally started as a duo called Splitscreen, then became a five/six piece called Kadia and now slimmed down to a trio. Bands will inevitably evolve and change over time as different influences become more apparent and visions begin to take shape, this happens regularly and will continue to do so, but it’s still important to say thank you to those who have helped to make the band into what it is now.

So here are our thank yous to everyone who has been involved:

Daniel Welham – Vocalist

Dan is an incredibly gifted vocalist with a distinctively powerful voice, persona and appearance and has an uncanny ability to create a melody hook. Dan came from a heavy rock/metal background and after meeting Chris, decided to take to an acoustic project. Dan had a lot of live music experience from being in a rock band, but Chris had never played live before. The project developed as a duo and Dan encouraged Chris to take his first gig and sing live for the first time. Without this encouragement, Chris may not have started to perform at all.


Hannah Claridge – Vocalist

Hannah came to the band through a music networking site online and quickly became part of Kadia after a few practices. Hannah had a soft and pretty voice which matched her appearance, and like Dan came from a rock/metal background. Hannah was responsible for getting Kadia their very first festival gig in 2013, Freshfields, through a friend of hers and even organised our very first paid gig in Bovington.
Thanks Hannah


Amy Tedwin Rogers – Vocalist

Powerful female vocals, strong song writer and an incredibly ambitious young girl destined to be a success in the media industry. Although Amy was not specifically keen on folk, we enjoyed having her involved in the practices and performing with her live at a few nights.


Tom Francis – Drummer

Tom recorded the drums for Splitscreen/Kadia v1 when we decided to go into the studio to record a demo. Tom was recommended to us by Sean from MKS and he became a friend almost straight away. Tom is an excellent drummer, down to earth guy, who was connected to like a hundred bands at the time. He decided to go travelling the world instead of joining Kadia. Good job we found David.


Glen Shepherd – Bassist

A family man, a gentleman and a true pro. He brings a calm head to any band discussion and provides excellent creative input when songwriting. Bass and Cello are always challenging to mix, and bass guitars are difficult to play acoustically which left fewer opportunities to involve Glen. Glen is a close friend of the band, even now, and is currently playing with Paradigms.


Steve Beck – Multi Instumentalist

A general musical legend, bit of an all rounder, he sings, he guitars, he drums, he plays bass and keys and produces, mixes, edits, masters, videos, photos, creates generally. He is a creator. Same as Glen, he is still a close friend of the band and connected with Paradigms.


Jack Lockyer – Banjo/Mandolin/Vocals

As above, musical all rounder, bluegrass aficionado, wants to basically play every instrument possible (self-taught) and loves a festival. Jack, if you read this, you once suggested that you would record a banjo section for Beacon Fires. It’ll happen if you still fancy it?