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September 2017

The Secret is Out!

Wimborne Minster Folk Festival 2018

So by now you’ve probably heard about the projects we’ve been working on behind the scenes. It’s a massive honour for us to be able to share that we’ve been asked to curate the Minster Church during the Wimborne Minster Folk Festival 2018. The building is spectacular and cathedral-like in its proportions. We’re looking forward to programming some beautiful music to fill the space across the festivities next year on June 8th-10th. We’ll be sharing a ticket link as soon as possible with special early bird prices for the Minster concerts along with a sneak peek at the programme to whet your appetite. Keep your eyes peeled!

The Hammond Collections

In recent months we’ve enjoyed sharpening our tune playing skills and expanding our repertoires alongside the fantastic Folk Orc. A cohort of amatuer and professional musicians, many of them are in related side projects (you might have even met Sue – she’s in a band too!). We’ve loved getting to know them and spending time immersed in our local scene supporting the lovely ladies and gents that support us.

Settling into our comfy local folk scene has also had us casting our eye back to Dorset in the early part of the last century. We are very lucky to have a wonderful collection of songs sung by everyday Dorset folk handed down to us by the Hammond brothers. The music and lyrics of literally hundreds of songs have been kept in the Vaughan Williams Memorial Library archives and we’re intent on giving them a good airing with a host of new resources. The project will see us produce a free e-book and recordings of the songs to help make them accessible to a wider audience. We’ll release songs and videos with midi-files through our Youtube channel, social media and website as and when we get time to perform and record the tunes. We recommend signing up and giving us a ‘like’ to stay in the loop on this new project. You might just find a tune that you fall in love with.

A Summer of Gigs

Since our last blog we’ve been spoiled once again by a summer of great gigs. We don’t often sing the praises of the backstage teams and sound engineers enough so we’d like to give a massive shout out to the amazing people that have looked after us at this years festivals. We have been catered for by wonderful stewards and been mixed by some fine techies.

Swanage Folk Festival saw Kadia share a stage with the amazing Nancy Kerr with her Sweet Visitor Band with Jamie Smith’s Mabon also joining the evening. The audience we’re energetic as always and we very nearly sold out of the EP. Thank you so much for having us.

Bridport kindly hosted Kadia for their very first year and we think it all went rather well. Chris Deacon, the mastermind behind the festival even opened the concert for us before we changed places like a scene from the Mad Hatter’s Tea Party to set up the Polly Morris Band. They even had a cheeky appearance from a very familiar cellist during a new number. One to listen out for.

Upcoming Gigs

Time is running out to catch Kadia in 2017. We’ve been busy beginning to draw together our festival schedule in 2018 as we aim to make it our biggest year yet. Whilst we work hard at Kadia HQ to get the legwork completed, we’ll be working on some new material for future Kadia Cabin Sessions and ploughing through the Hammond archives. That means there are only a few gigs left this year. Come on down and say ‘hi’!